SCCCI Career Women’s Group


The SCCCI Career Women’s Group (CWG) was set up in July 1994 with the aim of creating an effective networking platform for career women within the SCCCI, and to forge greater participation in events to promote their business endeavours.

Throughout the year, CWG organises talks to educate career women, holds business events with other international women’s networks and arranges networking events to strengthen bonding. CWG also brings delegations of women on overseas business missions to explore business opportunities in other countries and hosts women’s networks visiting Singapore.

Our most important annual function is the international Women’s Day celebratory event, which includes a forum where invited local and overseas speakers will share inspiring ideas of mutual interest, and a banquet during which female members could get better acquainted with other counterparts.


To create a platform and support network enabling women to share entrepreneurial ideas and support each other through their careers and family life and add value to our members.


Our vision statement will be carried out through three sub-committees:

• To establish and create a strong network among the female members of the Chinese Chamber

External Relations
• To add value to our women members by engaging and collaborating with other international women’s organisations

Business Pursuits
• To organise informative events to enhance the technical and management knowledge of our members

An ad hoc sub-committee will also be formed to support the International Women’s Day celebratory event.

CWG Committee

Past Event Photos

Year 2013
27 Aug 2013 - Commercial Crime Experience Sharing
9 Mar 2013 - International Women's Day Celebration "A Toast to Women"

Year 2012
29 Nov 2012 - CWG Year End Gathering
13 May 2012 - BCF Pink Tribute to Mothers
14 Mar 2012 - Thai Delegation Visit
17 Feb 2012 - Worklife Forum
27 Jan 2012 - SCCCI Nite River Hongbao
2 Jan 2012 - CWG Members' Nite Performance

Year 2003
13 Jun 2003 - First CWG Fellowship Nite
29 May 2003 - Talk on Living with SARS

Year 2001
26 Oct 2001 - Maximising Your Personal Investment
22 Aug 2001 - Shared Parenting (Challenges of Fathering) in a fast-paced society
30 May 2001 - Two Women & Their Stories

Year 1999
10 Jun 1999 - Received Delegation from Henan Women's Troupe

Year 1998
29 May 1998 - Delegations from Overseas

Year 1997
29 Nov 1997 - Tea Session with Our Nominated Members of Parliament

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